by Terry J. Hallock

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Are You Rapture Ready? (1 of 2)
Pastor Terry J. Hallock
Matthew 24:30-31, 36-42
January 2, 1999

It is just another ordinary morning in west central Illinois. People have staggered with blearing eyes to the breakfast table and suddenly some of them just aren't there any more. The steam rises from their coffee cups but no one's there to finish it. The cereal grows soggy in their bowls but no one's present to eat it. Televisions are on but no one's watching. Front doors bang in the wind as if someone had been leaving but no one's there to close them. Meanwhile cars speed down the highways as commuters' rush off to work. Then without warning some of them veer into the ditch, swerve on to the median, crash into bridge abutments, or smash into one another because their drivers have disappeared. Workers are gathered on the assembly line at Maytag as the third shift ends when without explanation half or more simply vanish. Their machines are still running and their cars remain in the parking lot. An immediate search is made of the entire plant but not a one of the missing can be found.

As news reports begin to flow in -- at least from those news desks who still have reporters at them -- the situation is exactly the same all around the globe from North and South America to Europe, Asia and Africa. Cruise ships have been reported adrift at sea and run aground. Airliners have flown thousands of miles off course and crashed into mountains. Schools, shops, stores, workplaces, homes, hospitals, hotels, army barracks, legislative chambers, police stations, fire houses and courts have all witnessed instantaneous vanishings without warning or clue. In some cases entire families are gone while in others weeping relatives frantically search for their loved ones. Thousands, indeed millions, of people have suddenly disappeared and not a one has turned up anywhere. Nor will they.

The scene I have just described is the day Jesus Himself promised would come. "At that time the ...

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