by Chris Walls

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The Final Word (47 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 16:21-27


Have you read a good research book lately, a book that takes serious time to go over a subject? One thing I have noticed about a book that deals well with issues, is that book will summarize what it has said, either at the end of each chapter or the end of the book. Well, in the last section of verses we will deal with today. That is exactly what Paul does. He takes in verses 25-27 he briefly summarizes what he has presented to the Church at Rome in this letter. But first Paul has to take care of some personal business.

He takes time to give some acknowledgments to a few people. These are friends of Paul's that are probably with Paul in Corinth during the writing of this letter. First, we have Timothy, of course we know who he is, he is the Pastor of the church at Ephesus and was the one Paul would later write two epistles to, instructing him on some key issues.

Next we see listed, Lucius, Jason and Sosipater who Paul calls his relatives. Lucius was a Cyrene that was apart of the church at Atinoch that commissioned Paul and Barnabas. Lucius can also be Luke. Which would make him the Physician who wrote the gospel.

Then we have Jason and Sosipater. These two guys were just fellow Jews and with Lucius, Paul calls them fellow kinsman. Jason was probably the first convert in Thessalonica and Sosipater was the Berea from Acts 20:4-6 who left Ephesus with Paul and went of to Troas.

Next we have Tertius who was Paul's amanuensis, which is a fancy name for scribe or secretary who wrote this letter as Paul dictated it to him. Gaius was the owner of the house where Paul was staying in Corinth during the writing of the letter. Erastus who is a Christian but seems to have a prominent position in the government of Corinth. Then final we have Quartus.

Obviously these people were known to some of the people in the church at Rome. When we come to verse 25 it seems like Pau ...

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