by Chris Walls

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Cautioning Words (46 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 16:17-20


This passage of scripture we are looking at today, seems to be somewhat out of place, when you first look at it. Its content is that of a warning to the believers at Rome. It seems like it should be something that occurs early on in the letter. In fact some people have said that this was added later by a scribe, somewhere along the line.

Personally I think Paul added this in himself. I mean think about it, here is Paul sending his personal greetings to friend's right before this, then you have him talking about Timothy, Lucious, Jason and Sosipater in the next section. Then concluding the letter and stuck right in the middle of this is this weird statement that seems like it should have been added either a few verses earlier.

Well, obviously Paul added this in to touch on the subject. I can understand why, if you look at the whole of Paul's life and work. Paul had been dealing with churches that had problems with false teachers that taught something totally different than what God wanted. In almost every church he worked in, this was a big problem. So, he starts thinking of this, through the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit, Paul quickly adds it in himself.

The reason we can tell it is from Paul, is the ended of verse 20 which is a common greeting from Paul in all of his epistles. So, let's look at this passage and see what Paul has to say to us today.

I. Watch Out (v.17)

The word, "watch out," here is the Greek word, "skopeo." It means to mark or spy. It is the word that we get our English word, scope from, as in microscope or telescope. In other words, Paul is calling the Roman Christians and us as Christians to put under close scrutiny, "those who cause divisions and put obstacles in our way contrary to the teachings you have learned."

In other words we are to mark out those people that teach something that is contrary to scripture. Paul told Titu ...

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