by Chris Walls

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The Strength for Service (44 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 15:23-33


Have you ever been doing something for a really long time and suddenly one day you just don't feel like doing it anymore? My dad did the same job for 33 years. Sure aspects of his job changed and he worked for promotions that changed his job, but he was a firefighter for 33 years. The thing of it is that my father loved his job. I am sure there were aspects of the job he didn't like, but he genuinely loved what he did up until his retirement.

I know other people that are not like that. They will work one job for 4 or 5 years and get burned out on it and start something new. My uncle got so burned out his job he has totally quit and gone in a new direction.

Can you imagine Paul and what he felt like? I mean think about it, this is a man that had traveled all over Asia Minor, he had been beaten, spit upon, stoned, run out of numerous towns, he had false teachers stealing converts, he had people accusing him of all kinds of things, but he loved what he did. It was not that Paul was some giant of a man that could handle anything. In fact from what we know of Paul, he was short in stature, bow legged, balding, and partially blind. Yet day in and day out he continued on the journey.

In verse 22 he tells the Romans that he has been hindered in coming to see them for one reason or another. He had spent his time going trough out Asia Minor and Greece spreading the gospel. He is so ready to go and do what God had called him to do.

I. Paul had a plan (23-25).

Paul, the great missionary, the great theologian, and preacher was in the service of God. He had gone out and ministered to these different churches in Corinth, Phillippi, Ephesus, and Galatia and wanted to try to get to Spain and Rome, but he could not, he was hindered from going to them.

Have you ever had a plan set in place and all of a sudden, you looked up and that plan changed? At the time the plan ...

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