WHO WAS PAUL? (43 OF 47)

by Chris Walls

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Who was Paul? (43 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 15:14-22


As we have looked at these passages in Romans over the past year we have seen many aspects of who we are and what we should believe as Christians. Paul in the beginning does not take that much time to introduce himself to the people of the church at Rome. Remember, this is one church that Paul wrote to that he had never visited. In fact we will see in these verses that the closest Paul had been to Rome was Illyricum, which was across the water from Italy in the Roman Province of Macedonia.

In chapter 1 verse 1 Paul wrote, "Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart for the gospel of God." That was the only way that he identified himself. Now Paul was well know throughout the church at that time and he had contact with some of the people that were active in the church at Rome. But, imagine here is a guy that writes a letter and in the last section of the letter he has taken and berated you with instructions about the weak and the strong. Most people would be like who is this guy Paul?

Well, Paul, in his normal manner always has a section of his letters to churches where he praises them for some things they have done. This is that section of Romans. Then he goes into a little boasting. When Paul boast he really boasts. He knows how to do it well. I am sure he learned it when he was with the Sanhedrion. But, the neat thing, is that Paul knows how to boast in the right things. He boast about all the things that he has done, not because he has done it but because Christ had accomplished so much through Paul. Paul briefly describes his ministry and all the things that had been accomplished through that ministry for Christ.

I. Paul the Partner (v. 14-15).

First off Paul calls this group of believers his brothers. Here is the Apostle writing with authority, but he still sees Himself as a co-laborer with other Christians. It is not that he is ab ...

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