by Chris Walls

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Disputes about Debatables (40 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 14:1-13


Let me set the seen for you in the times that Paul was writing this book. In the Church of Rome you have two groups of people. This is the same way with many churches that Paul dealt with. The first group of people, were Jews that had come to salvation through Christ. The second group, were Gentiles, many of whom had come out of pagan idolatry. This had a tendency to present a problem because of these people's diverse backgrounds.

See the Jews who had learned of their freedom in Christ ate meat. Well, most of the meat that was around in those days, was meat that had been sacrificed to idols in pagan worship. The problem came because many of the Gentiles in the church came out of pagan religion and when they saw that meat it took them back to their old life in pagan religion. In fact many of the Christians who had come out of pagan religion, would become vegetarians because they did not want to take the chance that the meat they were eating was meat that was sacrificed to idols. Do you see how this diversity could cause problems to the unity of these Christians in this church?

Just like the people of our church come from diverse backgrounds. Some of you come from big cities and you attended a big church with a bunch of different things going on all the time in the life of that church. Some of you come from small towns or small churches that had intimate fellowship. Each of these situations are unique and neither one of them are better or worse than the other.

When I was growing up, the first six years of my life were spent in Richardson, Texas. My family attended what was then called Richardson Heights Baptist Church. This church was a rather large church and I imagine it had somewhere near 600-800 people a Sunday in there services. We moved to McKinney and we joined FBC McKinney. Now this church was considerable smaller than the church in Richardson we ha ...

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