by Chris Walls

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It is Time to Wake Up! (39 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 13:11-14


When my alarm clock goes off I have this tendency to lay there and hit the snooze bar. I don't know why I hate getting up in the morning. This morning my alarm clock went off at 6:40. Well, I did not finally get out of bed till 7:15. I constantly do that.

I think Christians are hitting the snooze bar on their alarm clock. The reason why is we are constantly scrambling around after things that have nothing to do with the Christian life. We are more worried about what time it is on other clocks and for other things than we are with what time it is on God's clock.

Notice in verse 11 salvation is related to time. In the last part of verse of 11 it says for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. See salvation is not just simply receiving Christ as Lord and Savior. It has a three-fold aspect that goes on for the rest of your life, until the ultimate salvation in heaven. There is the aspect of salvation in which I have been saved. At one point and time I received Christ as my Savior and Lord. That is called Justification. Then there is the present aspect of salvation in which I am being saved. That is sanctification. Day by day we are becoming more of what we ought to be and less of what we are. Day by day we are becoming more life Christ, or we should be. Finally there is the future hope of when we die we will go to heaven. That is glorification and that is the ultimate end of salvation

When Napoleon saw China with its millions of people, he looked out and said, "There lies a sleeping giant, and let him sleep, because if he awakens, he will shake the world." I think the church in America is that way. We have millions of people that walk in our doors everyday, that know Christ as their Lord and Savior, but the church for the most part is asleep to the things of God. You know what is even scarier is the fact that the Devil is loving the fact that ...

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