by Chris Walls

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Submitting to Civil Authority (36 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 13:1-5


At the end of Chapter 12 we looked at a very important piece of scripture.
We talked about the need of every Christian to treat everyone the same and also, to bless those who curse or mistreat you.

In looking at the passage here today and also those passages, it seems that Paul is extremely concerned with the integrity of the church and need of the church to have respect in the world around it.

Do you realize that our own country was born out of defiance to this command in Romans 13? During the time of the Revolution, you can read about preachers that preached open rebellion against the British government. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the freedoms that I have from this country and it is obvious that God did shed His grace on America despite their disobedience to scripture.

God has not called us to political activism, but to preach the gospel to a lost and dying world. People may wonder why I don't push an agenda hard onto people. I personally believe in changing people from the inside out through Christ, rather than the outside in due to some psuedo moral code.

Here is the thing we need to think about when we read this passage. Laws do not change people's hearts. Only God through the blood of His son Jesus Christ can change people's hearts. Once you have changed someone's heart then you pray and encourage them to read the bible and allow their thinking to be changed.

A question may come to many of you, is being in political office a job the Christian should seek? I think the answer is yes. What better way to help a nation seek God more than for leaders to display the love of Christ from their office. We have many places in Scripture where men of God were in a place of political power and used their position for the good. We have men like Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon. You have the Roman Centurion, who's daughter was healed by Chr ...

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