THE BODY (32 OF 47)

by Chris Walls

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The Body (32 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 12:3-8


After World War II, a group of German students volunteered to help rebuild an English cathedral that had been severely damaged by German bombs. As work progressed, they became concerned about a large statue of Jesus, whose arms were outstretched and beneath which was the inscription: "Come unto Me." They had particular difficulty trying to restore the hands, which had been completely destroyed. After much discussion, they decided to let the hands remain missing and changed the inscription to: "Christ has no hands but ours."

I. The proper Attitude: True Humility (3)

"By the grace given me." Paul had received an abundance of grace in his life. He was a zealot Jew that killed Christians. He saw his true state of where and what God had saved him from. He knew that God had definitely shed grace onto his life.

I think many the people who have come to Christ late in life and after much heartache and struggle are more appreciative than people that accept Christ when they are young and seems like they have not done that much wrong. It is like people who have grown up in Church and accepted Christ at an early age take their Christianity for granted. Then there are those that it seems God had to grant an extra special amount of grace and they don't take their Christian walk for granted at all because they know where they have come from.

We need to be keenly aware, like Paul, that for God to save us, even if it was at an early age, it took a lot of grace for Him to do it.

Illus—The little old lady that stood up to give her testimony at church.

Our lives our to be marked out by humility. Paul uses the word, "to think," here. This is the idea of making an honest estimate of who we are in light of holy God. We are to have "sober judgment." I think it is easy for us not to have sober judgment of things. So, many times we get caught up in the ideas of:

- That will never happen to me- ...

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