by Chris Walls

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The Plan of God Concerning Israel (26 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 9:25-33


Many of you may wonder why we are spending time in one book like Romans or like last year when I preached through 1 John. There are a few reasons behind this whole thing. The main one is to help each of you grasp a greater understanding of the whole of scripture. If I were to preach from one text in one book, one week and the next week a whole new passage and book, it makes it harder on you and me to come to grips with the whole of scripture.

Secondly, is because I believe that people need to realize that every aspect of scripture is important. When we talk about the unbelief of Israel like we have in Romans 9, you see God's plan working itself out despite man's wrong intentions. We also need to see where Israel fits into God's plans as a nation now that Christ has come and has come to people that are not Israel.

Finally, the reason I preach through a book at a time is because I, as a preach of the word, am committed to preach the whole of scripture. I feel, if I pick and choose then I am just preaching the easy parts that I have a firm hold on or the parts that I think will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I feel like when God called me to preach that He called me to preach the whole of scripture.

The reason that I wanted to clarify this is because I sometimes feel like people don't understand it and also because when we drudge through some of these passages like Romans 9 you understand why we are doing it. My commitment to God's word as truth is more important to me than anything else. If we as a church fail to hold up His word as truth we have ceased to be the church.

With that said, let's look at a couple of passages today about God's plan for the nation of Israel and how their unbelief is consistent with God's plans.

I. Israel's Unbelief Is Consistent With God's Prophetic Revelation (v. 25-29)

What we mean by that is that it is consisten ...

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