GOD'S PLAN (24 OF 47)

by Chris Walls

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God's Plan (24 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 9:6-13


The major theme that Romans 9-11 is God's dealing with His elect Nation, underlying theme, especially of Chapter 9, is God's sovereignty in doing so. It demands more than a superficial understanding. And yet, when the deepest meaning and implications of this passage are carefully considered, especially its unambiguous declaration of God's absolute and unrestricted sovereign power, even the most devoted believer is left with some profound mysteries.

Israel in 1948, Israel was reestablished as a nation in part of the land that God had promised to Abraham. In 1967 after the Six Day War they acquired more of that land including full control over Jerusalem.

But the modern state of Israel is far from a Theocracy, with God as its sovereign Lord, or even a nation ruled by God-serving leaders. Although it contains large and influential religious groups, it is, like most other nations of today a secular state.

There are many very religious Jews in Israel. Some others are openly Atheistic. There are Jews that draw close parallels between their nation and the life of Christ. Just like Christ, the nation was sovereignly called out as a distinct people. Christ had to go to Egypt to get protection from Herod, the nation faced destruction and sought protection in Egypt. Jesus was crucified by the Romans, just like the Jews were hated by the world and was crucified in AD 70. Jesus Christ was resurrected from the grave after three days, just like the nation Israel was resurrected in 1948.

Many religious Jews are awaiting the coming of the Messiah. In the land of God's promise few recognize the life of Christ as the true Messiah. They are still looking forward to the coming of the Messiah to rescue them from the world they live.

So, the question comes, does God's plan ever fail? That is a hard question to answer isn't it? I mean if you say, "No God's plan does not fail." Then you ...

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