by Chris Walls

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"Groans" and "All things for Good?" and "Be Like Christ" (21 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 8:19-30


I. The Groans of the Creation (v.19-21)

A. Its expectation

1. The Lord's return
Jesus told us we should always be eagerly expecting His return

2. The Manifestations of the Sons of God
The resurrection of the believers body

B. The Groaning

Groaning because creation is no the way it should be
Why? Because of sin and suffering

Illus. - The beautiful creation

II. Our Groans (22-25)

A. Why do we groan?

1. Our bodies suffer because of the Fall
2. Acceptance of Christ should help in our conquering of the groaning.

B. What should we groan about?
-Our Sin
-Others Sin
-Others being lost

III. The Groaning of the Spirit (26-27)

A. Why?

1. Because of our weakness2. According to God's will

B. Spirit holds us secure

By his intercession in our times of need when we don't know what to say or do.

All things for Good?
Romans 8:28


The apparent discrepancy between this profound affirmation of faith, and our human experience Romans 8:28 one of the difficult sayings of all of scripture. For how can we see the hand of God at work in the killing of a young child by a drunken driver? Where are God's loving purposes revealed in the agony of a cancer victims last weeks? What measure of good can be discerned in the massacre of a Christian congregation by guerrillas? All these kinds of experiences and events seem to contradict Paul's affirmation. It is therefore imperative that we understand what it is that Paul is saying and how, in light of his own experience, he was able to say it.

Apart from anything else which might be said about this text, it is clear from the context that it expresses Paul's deep faith and trust in the loving purposes of God. We must understand that this affirmation is not a result of abstract rationalization, but a statement of deep serenity, that comes from the heart ...

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