by Chris Walls

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Freedom of the Spirit (18 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 8:1-4


The bible is the most condemnatory books that has ever been written in the history of mankind. When people talk about the bible they want to focus on the "Good News." The thing that they don't understand is that you cannot grasp the goodness of the "Good News" without first understanding the badness of the "Bad News."

That is what Paul has done so far in the book of Romans. He has given us the bad news that people, no matter if they are religious or not are going to pay the price for their sins. The only way to be forgiven is to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The second thing that Paul deals with is the sins of believers and that all believers are going to sin, because we still have the sin nature in us.

Now we come to chapter 8 of the book of Romans, which is one of the most victorious and liberating chapters in all of the Bible. It begins with No Condemnation, ends with No Separation and contains No Defeat as its body. It is in this chapter that we discover that we are "Free in the Spirit!"

I. The reality of Freedom - No condemnation (8:1a).

Therefore - Let me give a brief lesson in biblical interpretation. When you see the word Therefore in scripture there is one simple question that must be asked. What is the Therefore there for? Instead of the therefore in this case Paul could have said, "In light of all that I have said before."

This therefore marks the conclusion from the entire first seven chapters, which focus primarily on justification by faith alone, made possible solely on the basis of and by the power of God's grace.

Chapter 8 marks a major change in the focus and flow of the epistle. At this point the apostle begins to delineate the marvelous results of justification in the life of the believer. He begins by explaining, as best as possible to finite minds, some of the cardinal truths of salvation (no condemnation, as well as justific ...

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