by Chris Walls

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The Law and Grace (15 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 7:1-6


I. The Principle (v.1).

The idea here is that the Law code has authority on a person only as long as they live under the law. But what does that actually mean? The principle here is a simple one. It does not matter whether it is the law of God or any other law when someone dies they are no longer under that law.

An example of this is Lee Harvey Oswald. He was never convicted of the murder of JFK. The reason that prosecution was never sought was because he was killed before that could happen. So he was no longer under the law of because he was dead!

II. The Illustration (v. 2-3).

First I want to say that Paul is not trying to present the view of divorce and remarriage. That is not the context of this passage. He does deal with that in other areas, but if someone presents this as an argument about divorce or remarriage this is not a passage to be looked when referring to marriage.

This point of verse 2-3 is that marriage laws only apply as long as the people are married. The idea is that a women does not commit adultery when her husband dies and she decides to remarry. A widow is not bound by marriage laws and is free from the law that bound her to her former husband.

III. The Explanation (v. 4-6)

In this part Paul is explaining what he is trying to say about the principle that he set fourth in verse 1.

1) We are dead to the Law

When we accept Christ as Lord and savior we are dead to the law. Death to the law is the idea that we are no longer under the penalty. Just like the Lee Harvey Oswald was not under prosecution cause he died. When someone accepts Christ they are no longer under the penalty of death, because we have died to the penalty of the law, which is death and now we are alive to Christ.

2) We belong to another

The reason that we are dead to the penalty of the law is because we belong to another and that is God through Jesus Christ who w ...

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