by Chris Walls

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Yield Yourself (14 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 6:15-23


Have any of you heard of Split personalities? It is a syndrome where people have two totally different personalities at times. There has been several movies mad about the disorder and TV series have used the problem for one of their shows. One of the most famous movies that looks at the life of a lady with the problem is the movie "Sybil"

Split personalities is a problem in people and it is brought on by the sinful world that we live in. I believe that there is a great problem in Christianity of split personalities. It is not like that of the psychological problem, but more of the attitude and lifestyle problem.

Many Christians have split personalities when it comes to the life they live in and around church and the life they live in the world that they work and live. They want the Christian life that Jesus offers, but for some reason they want to hold onto the world around them and the sin around them.

Sin is the most devastating, debilitating, degenerating, power that ever entered the human stream. Its evil, in fact, corrupted the entire creation, which "groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now" (Rom. 8:22).

Sin can wreck the life of anyone, including Christians and the sad thing is that many Christians continue to live in sin. Paul in these passages is reminding the Christian of our own past enslavement to sin and then reminds us that our new enslavement should be to righteousness through trusting Christ.

I. The Question and answer (v.15).

The question Paul sets forth here is to counteract the possible question that people might set forth. Being under God's grace through faith in Christ in no way diminishes the demands to obey God's Law. In response to God's grace we should want to obey God in everything. It is the idea that we are saved by grace unto good works.

Paul emphatically says, "By no means!" In other words he is saying ...

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