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''More Than Justified'' And ''Two Men, Different Results'' (11 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 5:6-21


I. We were helpless (v. 6-8)

Lit - we are without strength or power

Before a Christian comes to salvation they are helpless

Illus. - Weight lifting

Christ did not die for us because we had some kind of special love for God or because we have done something special

Charles Hodge says about this verse:

''If God loved us because we loved Him, He would love us only so long as we love Him, and that condition; and then out salvation would depend on the constancy of our treacherous hearts. But as God loved us as sinners, a Christ died for us as ungodly, our salvation depends, as the Apostle argues, not on our loveliness, but on the constancy of the love of God.''

II. We are Delivered (9-10)

Last week we talked about justification and we came to realize that Christ when he died on the cross and when we make Him Lord and savior we become in right standing with God, that is justification.

Christ did so much more when he died on the cross. His blood fulfilled the OT imagery of sacrifice, but it is not simply the fluid itself. NT writers many times use the word 'blood' to describe a violent death. References to the saviors blood is not necessarily fluid, but at His death is an entire imagery of work!

Illus. - Describe the Death of Christ

The work is that we are delivered, in the past present and future. As the apostle writes Christ brings life!

III. We have Joy (v.11)

Why do we have joy? Because we have received life and life eternal. We have the ability to live the abundant life that Christ describes and have life in the here after.

David had joy when he wrote, ''O magnify the Lord with me'' Ps. 34:3

Another Psalm says, ''For our heart rejoices in Him, because we trust in His holy name.'' Ps. 33

This joy is subjective, it depends on the person, but it does not make it less real.

Two Men, Different Results
Ro ...

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