by Chris Walls

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Saved By Faith (9 of 47)
Chris Walls
Romans 4:1-25


What is it that makes people believe in something? I mean we as human beings are constantly putting our faith into something. Let's just take this morning for example. Many of you put your faith in an alarm clock to wake you up, so you could be at church on time. Then you put your faith in a shower faucet that it would do its job. You put your faith in the water company that they would have water supplied to your house, for those of you that live in Aspen Springs you had faith that you had gotten enough water to take a shower. You put your faith in the gas or electric company that they supplied the ability for your hot water heater to work. You put your faith in a lot of things without thinking about it this morning, didn't you?

The list can go on and on. Right now you are placing your faith in things that you don't even think about. You are putting Faith in that pew you are sitting in that it will hold you up.

In your life there are degrees of Faith in the things that you do. I mean it takes a whole lot more trust for some of you to trust your spouses driving than it does for you to trust that the water will work in the morning.

There is so many things that we take for granted as people. Things that when they do not work we get mad at them. is a word that we toss around a bunch and many times we really do not think about what it means. Yet as Christians it is who we are and what we are to act upon. It is at the root of our existence.

Let me explain something's about Faith for you real quick. First off the word Faith in the Greek is PISTUS. Now what you need to know is that anytime you read in your bible Faith, Believe, or trust more than likely that is the word being used or some form of that word.

How many of you have seen the movie AMISTAD? There is a scene in that movie that the lawyer played by Matthew McConaughey is trying to explain to Cinka, ...

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