by Chris Walls

The Wake-Up Call
Chris Walls
Romans 1:18-32

I have spent many waking hours thinking about what I would say to you this morning. I have heard others talk about the tragedy and ask all the questions. The major question of the week, "Where was God when those planes hit the WTC, The Pentagon, and crashed outside Somerset?" I have heard news commentators talk about why people would do things like this?

First let me say that there's nothing man won't do. Romans 3 says, "His feet are swift to shed blood." The first crime in the Bible, Cain kills Abel. Ask yourself how could Hitler do what he did? How could Stalin massacre 50 million people? Fifty million people is way beyond what this thing is. Hitler: the genocide of the Jewish people was his goal-six million Jews. How could he do that?

But let us bring it even closer to home, how can a mother drown five of her kids? How can millions of babies be aborted? You're talking about the wretchedness of the human heart. It isn't postpartum anything. It isn't attention-deficit syndrome that causes a mass murder. It's the wickedness of the human heart. The heart of man is desperately wicked. In His infinite wisdom God had to create government and He had to create the fear of death to keep man from killing each other. So I think when we see events like this, we are seeing man at his worst. And then when you get him under an influence which teaches that if you die in a holy war, and these men believed it to be a holy war, then you automatically enter paradise. You really heighten the motivation to do what those guys did on Tuesday.

I heard people say that we should not be angry. I disagree! Anger is a natural emotion and our emotions come from God. I am angry for biblical reasons. I am angry because people were murdered. God has commanded us not to murder and we are to hate the things God hates and love the things God loves. God judges those who murder. Just like I am angry over peop ...

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