by Chris Walls

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The Significance of the Ascension of Christ (4 of 4)
Chris Walls
Acts 1:9-11


The Ascension of Christ into heaven from earth marked the beginning of some very significant things in the life of Christians. Many of them people don't even realize as believers. I am sure as the disciples and others are watching Christ going up into the sky, they did not fully understand what was going on either. It marked the beginning of some new things, but it also marked the end of the some things as well.

It marked the end of Christ life here on earth for that period. Christ had come to do all He needed to do in 33 years of life. We have looked at three significant events in the life of Christ that have a profound impact on our lives as Christians. Christ teaching to the disciples was important, that is why he spent three years with them to teach them so they could help carry on the work here on earth.

But, if that is all that Christ had done and then he just went to heaven, He would not have done all that we as sinful people needed Him to do. The events that we have looked at over these past few weeks mark out the main reason Christ came to this earth. If He had not died on the cross, been buried in the tomb, and rose from the grave, His life of teaching would not of meant a thing to any of us.

I am sure the Ascension of Christ was easier for His disciples to grasp than His death on the cross. His resurrection ultimately proved to them that He was God and that He had the power to accomplish all that He said was going to happen.

We come to the ascension and Christ has completed His task here on earth and He returns to heaven to be with the Father and His ministry as the Godman does not stop there. Well, Christ's ministry had only just begun. He is still working in the lives of believers, but in a different way than when He was here on earth.

1 Timothy 2:5 tells us, "5For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus." ...

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