by Chris Walls

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The Significance of Christ's Burial (2 of 4)
Chris Walls
John 19:31-41


We looked last week at the crucifixion of Christ on the cross. We dealt with the idea that He was the Godman who was perfect in every way, the perfect lamb without spot or blemish. We talked about how he was our substitute. He took our place on the cross. His shed blood covers our sin.

Now next week we are going to relate the significance of Christ resurrection and then the following week we will look at His Ascension back into heaven. Today we will look at the significance of Christ Burial. What does the burial of Christ mean to us who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior? What does it mean to those people who never have accepted Christ?

Death and burials are something that people do not deal with very well. Even though our life will be marked by many tombstones. For some reason it is hard for people to deal with death. We know it is going to happen, we are all going to die, but it seems like people are never truly prepared for the loss of a loved one.

People are always trying to prepare for things in their life. They go to school to prepare for a career. They go through a career to be able to retire. They retire to recover from all the work. People prepare for different things in different ways. Some people prepare for death by buying prepaid burial insurance. What did Jesus do to get ready for His burial? Lot's of things. He told His disciples that He was going to die. He tried to prepare them to be His witnesses here on earth.

But, as we look at the passages, it seems like the people closest to Jesus, who he had told he was going to die were not ready for His death. It took two men who came to Jesus privately at different times to bury Christ. Now I am sure there were good reasons. The disciples were probably scared for their own lives because if the Romans were going to crucify Jesus, they might kill His disciples as ...

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