by Chris Walls

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It Is Finished
Chris Walls
John 19:28-30


The next three Sunday's we are going to look at four aspects of what Christ did for us at the end of His life. Next Sunday we will look at what the burial of Christ accomplished for us. Then Easter Sunday we will look at what His resurrection has done for us. Then the Sunday after Easter we will look at the ascension of Christ and see what that means for us as Christians. But today we will look at the cross of Christ and what His death on that cross has done for us. So open your bibles to John 19:28-30 and let's take a look at the last moments of Jesus' life.

I always wanted to be a journalist before I surrendered to the ministry. So, when I was young I learned some of the fundamentals of good journalism. The first thing you learn to do is just get the facts. The next thing I learned are the fundamental question, Who? What? Where? When? And How?. Many people will add another word and that is Why? When I read the account of Jesus on the cross and the words, "It is finished." Those questions are what I automatically thought. We will not answer all the questions that I asked, but we will answer the primarily the who, what and why and in the process answer the where, when and how. So let's ask some questions and find out the news about the words of Jesus.

Who Finished It?

I guess the answer to that is obvious. Jesus finished it, right? Yes, he finished it cause he is the one that died on the cross. But truly who is Jesus that he was able to finish it?

Well, I guess the first answer to that question is that Jesus was God made man. We sing a hymn in this church that is the favorite of several people I know for sure. It starts out, "I heard an old, old story, how a savior came from glory." Christ came from heaven.

Nicodemous said to Jesus, "Rabbi, we know you are a teacher who has come from God. . ." Well, actually Nicodemous did not have the full story. Jesus was not from G ...

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