by Chris Walls

Craving the Word
Chris Walls
1 Peter 2:1-3


What does it truly mean to crave or desire God's word? We live a word today with a great deal of craving going on around us. We have people that crave food, we have people that crave power, still others crave possessions, but what marks the craving of a Christian?

Peter here gives us a great passage for Christians, no matter where they are in their walk with the Lord. He has spent the first chapter laying out all the benefits of the Christian life. In verses 3-12 he spoke of the gift of heaven we have through the resurrection of Christ. In v. 13-21 Peter speaks of the how we are suppose to live holy lives before God. Then you get to v. 22 and it talks of loving one another fervently. That is the perfect layout of the Christian life. Live holy before God, love one another, and here crave or desire the word.

The idea desiring or crave is used throughout scripture for God's word. We can see it in Job 23:12 (Red), Ps. 1:1-2 (Yellow); 19:7-11 (Blue); 119: 16, 24,35,47, 48, 72, 92, 97, 103, 111, 113, 127, 159, 167, 174 (Orange).

The idea of craving is the idea to long for. It is the same idea of longing for a loved one that you are separated from, either by distance, or death. You long for their fellowship and companionship. You want to be with them because of the impact that they have had on your life. We should long for the word of God. When we don't read it, there should be a deep empty filling of loss in your life.

The word pure here is a word that is used to describe farm produce. Like pure vegetables or grain. It is something that has not been tainted. It comes straight from the source. It is the idea of the pure milk that comes from a mother's breast.

The phrase, "of the word" is an interesting phrase here. The word in the Greek is the word logakon. It is only used in one other place in the NT. You find it in Romans 12:1, where it says, "I bessech you th ...

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