by Chris Walls

Life's Greatest Choice
Chris Walls
Joshua 24:13-15


We live in a day and time that is all about
choice. You go to a restaurant and they have multiple
choices on what to eat. You now can go to KFC/Taco
Bell and choose between chicken and tacos or you can
decide to have both at the same time. I remember when
I was a kid and the only things that you could get at
McDonald's was a cheeseburger, a hamburger, a Big Mac
and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Now you have
chicken mcnuggets, different chicken sandwiches. It
is all about choice.

Joshua cries for the people to do several things
in this passage. He shows them their choices and then
gives them the only choice. First, he says fear the
Lord. I think there is a lack of that in the life
people today. They want this loving heavenly teddy
bear that they can cuddle with and that can give out
blessings on their every whim. Prov. 1:7"The fear of
the LORD is the beginning of knowledge." But what
does that truly mean? We often talk about "holy
fear." So, what does it mean to fear the Lord? Fear
is the idea of reverence and respect. It is the idea
that you hold someone in such high regard that you
will do anything they tell you because of how you
revere them as a person. That is what we are suppose
to do before God. We are to hold Him and what He
wants in such high esteem, that to do the opposite
brings about a dread on our life because we have not
lived up to what God wants.

The second thing Joshua commands is to serve Him
is sincerity and truth. You cannot serve God half-
hearted. You ever thought about that? Why is that
statement true? I think there are several reasons you
cannot serve God half-hearted.

God does not serve you half-hearted—He gave you
the very best that He, Jesus Christ.

God's holy character demands complete devotion
and service—To serve God halfhearted is to put
something or someone else in ...

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