by Chris Walls

Super Natural Power
Chris Walls
Matthew 16:5-20

As most of you already know that I have an adventurous side to me. In fact yesterday I took my parents out to Williams Creek. On the way back we pulled off the road to look at the Peidra River running through the deep Gorge. We were looking at it and I was talking about wanting to return and hike around a little. My mom looked at me and said, "Be very careful if you come back." She said this as I was looking over one of the ledges. I looked over the ledge and said it sure would be fun to have a bungee cord up here. My mom just said, "That is what I mean when I say be careful."

I am an adventurous guy. I really enjoy doing different kinds of the things. One of the things I have only done a few times, but enjoy is riding a Jet Ski. It is real fun riding over wave to jump, doing a quick 360. One of the many things I have learned about riding a Jet Ski is that you can not turn unless you are pushing on the gas. You see the steering mechanism is the part of the Jet propulsion system of the ski. So, if you get off the gas and turn the wheel you continue going the same way, you can't turn. The ability to turn a Jet Ski depends on whether or not the gas was on. You can't turn a Jet Ski without the power on.

The Church in the same way can't be guide, led, or work without the power behind it to guide, lead or work. So, many times churches try to do things for God without looking to him for the guidance in the first place. Even worse than that, are those churches that try to do things without being grounded in the truth of Jesus Christ.

Today we will look at the Super Natural power behind the church that when used allows the church to its fullest capability. This morning we will look at one aspect of Super Natural power and tonight we will look at another aspect of Super Natural power. So, let's look at Matthew 16:5-20

Let me set this up for you. Jesus had just finished feed 4,000 and the ...

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