by Chris Walls

The Life of a Mother
Chris Walls
1 Samuel 1:1-11

Mother's Day is such a special day. It is a tribute to the people that raise kids. Though in the society that we live in today, why would anyone want to raise kids? There is a heavier burden placed on the family today than at any other time. Mother's day is a truly special day. Anyone know how it got its start?

The honor of starting Mother's Day belongs to Mrs. Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia. Her mother died in 1906. And on Sunday May 9th of 1907 she told a friend of her desire to dedicate a day for all mothers. As a result of her efforts, Philadelphia observed that day, May 10, 1908. She wrote thousands of letters to many influential people pleading for the observance of Mother's Day. On May 10, 1913 the resolution passed the Senate and the House of Representatives to make the second Sunday in May a national holiday "dedicated to the memory of the best mother's on the world, you mother."

The idea of Mother's Day did not start in Scripture officially, but scripture does give honor to womanhood. God has placed her in lofty position and her importance should never be minimized.

This morning we are going to look at the life of Hannah, the mother of Samuel and see her pray life and how it shaped who she was and how it shaped the life of her son. The verses that we just read are occurring during the life of Samson, one of the judges of Israel. The Philistines had over-run the land and Samson was the judge to deal with the problem. The Philistines had destroyed Shiloh and had captured the Ark. During this time God was moving to prepare the life of a man to lead the people of Israel out of their trouble.

Samuel was of the tribe of Benjamin at Ramah. From the beginning Samuel was called a child of promise. He had the heritage and he was promised by God to a great mother. It is interesting that Hannah means "grace."

This creates a neat parallel: while man is still in sin, and lost, that God ...

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