by Chris Walls

Chris Walls
2 Chronicles 34:1-19

December 7, 1941, is known as the day that will live in infamy. As most of you know the anniversary of that day in history is tomorrow. Now of course I was not alive during that time, so I cannot tell you much from first-hand experience. I do love history and that is probably one of my most favorite times of American History. I probably know more about that timeframe than any other in history. Why? Because I have spent time studying it. As important as that date is in American history, it is not the most important date in History.

Of course as a Christian the most important date is the birth of Christ. Think of the impact of that day on the history of the world. Our calendar is dated by His birth. We have BC, our before Christ and AD, Anno Domini, which means in the year of our Lord.

Just like WWII there were some important events and people that lead up to the Birth of Christ. One of those people in the lineage of Jesus Christ is Josiah, one of the Kings of Judah

2 Chron. 34:

The story of Josiah is a very inspiring one for the people of God. The story of king Josiah here is more interesting than we see in the few verses that we looked at. We must go back to his great-grandfather to see how really interesting the story is. Josiah's great-grandfather was King Hezekiah, who was an adored king and who walked in the ways of the Lord. He was one of the best kings since David.

After Hezekiah's death his son Manasseh became King and he returned all the pagan religions that Hezekiah had destroyed. He built altars to the Baal's in the Temple. He rebelled against God until the end of his life. Though at the end of his life he repented of his sinfulness and God heard his prayer at the end of his life.

After the death of Manasseh, his son Amon became king. He only reigned two years. He also did not follow the ways of the Lord and worshiped the Baals. Amon was killed by his own ...

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