by Chris Walls

Finish Well
Chris Walls
Acts 20:24

One of the greatest high school athletes in Louisiana went on to become one an All-American tight end at LSU. Then he went on to star as an All-Pro tight end for the St. Louis Cardinals back in the Seventies. But if I were to mention his name there is probably one event that has shaped his life. His name is Jackie Smith, who is considered one of the great tight ends of history. But in one Super Bowel with the Cowboys down and driving against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jackie Smith went across the middle of the end zone wide open and Roger Stabauch threw a perfect strike to Jackie. Jackie was as wide open as a little kid playing catch with his dad in the front yard of the house. The thing is Jackie Smith let the ball hit him in the hands and bounce out. Here is one of the greatest tight ends ever to play the game, but he will be remembered for that one event in his sports carrier.

There are other examples of great athletes that did not finish their carrier well. Bill Buckner was considered one of the best contact hitters to play the game, but he will always be remembered for the six game of the world serious against the Mets, when he was with the Boston Red Sox. The game was tied and Bill Buckner, playing 1st base, let an easy ground ball go through his legs allow Ray Knight to score from 3rd to win the World Series. This great hitter will always be remembered for that one event in his life. He had to move away from Boston because he was so hated by the Red Sox fans.

Finishing well is so important to the Christian life. I can tell you countless stories of Christians that I have come into contact with that did not finish well. Like the professor of mine in Seminary who had to leave in the middle of semester because he had an affair, or the former theologian that now you have to qualify as to when you are quoting from him. See early in his career he was a very Orthodox person that every evangelical respected his thought. No ...

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