by Chris Walls

Comfort in Tragedy
Chris Walls
John 14:1-8


Death-it is a word that is not easily handled in our world. We are destined to be born, marry and then die. The pathway of our lives will be marked by many tombstones.

Today is a day of joy and hope, despite what people might tell you or might want you to think. We associate death with tragedy and pain, with grief and sorrow. Well, as with many things in this world it all depends on your perspective.

Death is not an easy thing to look at. It is not an easy thing to think about. When Granny died, we had to find ways to find comfort. We find comfort in many things. We can find comfort in these flowers that memorialize someone so special and so dear. We can find comfort in each other as her friends and family. We can find comfort in memories. Times we spent with her.

I find comfort in this blue Nerf football. Many of you will look at me and say, ''What is this preacher doing with that?'' Well, this thing holds a special place of memory for me. It also holds a special place of memory for each of Granny's great-grandsons. See every year for Christmas we received one of these from her. We looked forward to getting one each year cause the dog or something had torn the one we had received the year before. Well, this one right here is the last Nerf football I received from Granny. See one year she decided that we were too old to get toys again. The thing is that Brandon and I every year, even this past year, asked where our football was?

I know all of you have special memories of this dear sweet lady. You can find comfort in those memories of what a wonderful, loving person she was.

All these help comfort us as people. But, do they bring true comfort? I mean do they help us deal with the death of Granny and with our own eventual death?

There is a place of true comfort. Actually there is something that does bring true comfort. We find it in John 14:1-8

1. Comfort comes in a Savior.

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