by Chris Walls

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Five Christian Certainties (14 of 14)
Chris Walls
1 John 5:13-21


John, in these passages gives the believer the assurance of the Christian life by giving 5 certainties that bring this book to a powerful climax. His assurance to the believer is expressed by the word "Know" which is used seven times in this passage.

Verse 13 gives the reason that John wrote this entire epistle. So that Christians may have assurance of their salvation and life eternal. It takes us back to what John wrote in John 20:31, where the author said he had written his gospel so that his readers might believe in Jesus and receive eternal life in his name. John's first epistle is addressed to those who accepted this belief but still need assurance that through this name they have indeed received eternal life. So, he refers to what the believers know, so they can have eternal life.

Let us look at what we can know so that we know the assurances for the Christian of salvation and eternal life.

I. Assurance of eternal life is the first Christian certainty (v.13)

While John wrote his gospel to bring unbelievers to faith, he wrote the epistle to give believers confidence that they possessed eternal life. The false brethren's departure left John's congregation shaken and not stirred. He assured those who remained that since they adhered to the fundamentals of the faith like walking in the light, obeying his commands, loving one's brother, being steadfast in the community of Faith, doing what is right--these tests assured people that their salvation was sure. These serve as tests of whether the life that is from God has been received. When it has been received, it is only because God's witness to his own Son as the source of that life has been accepted and believed. On this basis, we can expect God to hear us in prayer, free us from the presence and power of sin, and forgive our transgressions. Those who know these things know also that they have received ...

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