by Chris Walls

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The Christians Incompatibility with Sin (8 of 14)
Chris Walls
1 John 3:4-10


I really like to cook. Just ask some of my friends who have come over and eaten with me and they will tell you that. I do not know why, but I really like onions. I put them on everything, sandwiches, chili, burgers, and other things. Well, with that everyone knows the problems that occur with eating onions. The first big problem is that you have to cut the things and that means that the smell of the onions gets on your hands. Then there is the other problem with onions and that is they make your breath stink.

It would not be that bad if you could just wash your hands and brush your teeth and make the smell go away. It is not that simple though, the smell takes a while to get rid of.

A few years ago I found something to get rid of the smell on the hands at least. After you cut the onion, take and run water over them and then wipe your hands on the faucet.

If you do not get rid of the smell then it just lingers. That is the way it is with sin. When Christians habitually sin then the effects of that sin are hard to get rid of. When we sin the stink of the sin is hard to get rid of and it affects our Christian life.

John in this passage shows why sin is so bad on the life of the Christian. Now first of all John is writing against those who say they are Christians, yet they habitually sin. It is obvious that Christians are going to make mistakes and sin. John is writing against those who do not feel the remorse and conviction when a sin is committed and because of the conviction repentance occurs. These are people that believe that any sin committed in the physical realm is not a sin against God so they habitually commit sin.

I think if we are going to look at the incompatibility of sin with the Christian life, then we must first look at how we define sin.

DEFINITION--- Any act, attitude or disposition which fails to completely fulf ...

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