by Chris Walls

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The Purifying Hope of Christ's Return (7 of 14)
Chris Walls
1 John 2:29-3:3


How an Eskimo kills a wolf. He takes a knife and dips it into blood and then lets it freeze. Then he repeats the process until there is a thick coat of frozen blood on the knife. Then the Eskimo takes the knife and sticks it out in the snow. The wolf comes up and starts licking the blood-coated knife. Slowly with out noticing it, the wolf starts licking the blade of the knife and cuts his own tongue. With the taste of blood in his mouth, the wolf will not stop and cannot tell the difference between his blood and the blood from the knife and the wolf eventually bleeds to death.

1 John 2:29-3:3

The past few weeks we have been dealing with the marks of a Christian. This section deals with the "purifying hope" of every Christian, i.e. the return of Christ. John uses this purifying hope to reiterate and elaborate on the moral test of a true Christian, this is the same test of love and obedience from chapter 2 verses 3-6. The hope of Christ's return has a sanctifying effect on moral behavior. In anticipation of Christ's return and reward, a genuine Christian walks in holiness of life. Those who do not evidence such behavior manifest an unsaved life. In these 5 verses, John has given 5 features of the believer's hope.

I. The Abiding Hope (v.28)

In verse 28 John reiterates his idea of abiding from verse 27 to introduce the first feature of the believer's hope found in these verses. That feature is the abiding hope. When John refers to abiding he is referring to persevering in the faith of salvation; which is evidence of being a true believer.

The hope of Christ's return produces the effect of continual abiding in every true believer as they long for the glorious future prepared for them. Paul called it "loving His appearing" in 2 Timothy 4:8 and said those who do that are the ones who will be crowned with eternal righteousness in heaven. Abiding ...

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