by Chris Walls

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Faithfulness of Believers (5 of 14)
Chris Walls
1 John 2:12-17


Raising little children

You do not start out by teaching the kid everything there is to know about physics

When a kid gets older you do not try to teach the kid baby talk.

You feed the child differently than you do an older person.

I. The Maturity of the Believers

A. The First Classification of Believers

John offers in verses 12-14 the position of the believer who walks in the light. This section is rhythmical, and almost lyrical. Two sets of three statements introduced by the words "I write." They are addressed in turn to "children," fathers," and young men." John is addressing his entire congregation from two standpoints--- that of chronological age("children," "young men," "fathers") and that of spiritual age(novices in the faith, those whose faith is vigorous and who are responsible for the work of the gospel, and those whose knowledge and experience in the faith are the foundation on which the community exists).

1. V. 12--Dear Children is the author's favorite term for the congregation of believers as a whole. Under this idea he offers the most basic and universal words of assurance he can give: "Your sins have been forgiven on account of his name. They have confessed their sins and, on account of his name, or by faith in his name, or by faith in him--the meaning is the same--forgiveness that was bought through the covenant of his blood has become their possession. In this knowledge they may stand firm. Because they are forgiven, they may also have fellowship with God and true knowledge of him. Knowledge of God begins with conversion in which sin, known and confessed, is forgiven.

2. V. 13a---"Fathers" is an unusual form of address for senior members of a congregation. According to Jewish custom, it would refer to those who had responsibility for authority. Many times it is used to refer to the leaders of the past, like Abraham, Isaac ...

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