by Chris Walls

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Test of Salvation (3 of 14)
Chris Walls
1 John 2:3-6


We have been looking at the book of first John the past few weeks.

We have seen some very interesting things in this book. The first two sections we looked at, chapter 1:1-4 and chapter 1:5-2:2, have constituted two test of genuine salvation.

1) Test One is an affirmation of the proper view of Christ.
The proper view of Christ includes:
* Christ brings eternal life
* Christ is the son of God
* Christ was with God at creation

2) Test two is the affirmation of sins reality
* If you deny the reality of sin, you lack genuine salvation
* God is light that is, he is pure, holy, and he lights our life as we live it.
* If God is pure and holy, then those who claim to follow him must live by his principles of holiness.

1 John 2:3-6

Obedience is something hard for each person to learn. I have had the opportunity to help train two German Shepherds in the past year. These were two very intelligent animals. When you are training a dog it helps to use short one word commands to train them, words like; no, come, down, off, fetch, sit, stay. The key is using them consistently every time. Do not change words because the dog will not understand.

Another key is not to hit the dog. This demoralizes them. Hitting a dog can do a number of things. It can make the dog mean, or make the dog too passive.

When the dog does something good you reward the dog. The way that I would reward the dog is by just plain loving the dog, petting him and playing with the dog. This built a strong bond between the dog and I.

The key to training the dog was consistency. You had to work with the dog everyday. In order to ingrain the commands into the mind of the dog it had to be done the same way every time, it had to be done over and over again, and you could not miss a day.

It takes so much to create obedience. It is kind of like becoming good at a sport. It takes practic ...

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