by Chris Walls

In Remembrance of Me
Chris Walls
1 Corinthians 11:23-26


In remembrance of me, such a simple command for Christians to do, but really how simple is it? We live in a country of remembrance. That marks the things that happen to us all around. We place historical markers beside the road to tell of what took place in history. We set memorials and monuments to mark historical events in the history of our country.

We have things to mark great leaders of our countries' history like the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and Mount Rushmore. We name buildings after them, schools, and highways.

We remember our fallen brothers and sisters in things like, the Vietnam Memorial, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and Arlington Cemetery.

So much of our life is spent remembering things, things that were great in our nation and things that were also hurtful. It is said that we should learn from our past. If we do not learn from our past we are doomed to repeat it.

We come to one of the great passages of scripture. This is a passage that reminds us to remember, remember the one who has offered his life as a sacrifice for our sins.

When we come to the table of remembrance we must ask ourselves some serious questions:

I. What are we remembering?

The first question is what are we remembering? Are we remembering that Christ met with his disciples one night in a room and gave them bread or gave them the cup to drink?

No, what we are remembering is the greatest sacrifice that has ever been given. We are remembering that later that night after Christ had left the comfort of the upper room that he was arrested and put on trial, but never found guilty. Then he was taken and beaten and whipped, and then a crown of thorns was placed upon his head. Then he was taken and given a cross to carry to his death. His arms and legs were dislocated and then he was nailed to that cross. He hung there in ridicu ...

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