by Larry Wynn

Freedom Has a Price: A Memorial Day Sermon
Larry Wynn
John 15:12-13


A. Memorial Day is unique to our nation.

1. The Memorial Day observance was begun during the Civil War.
2. ''Some concerned women decided to decorate the graves of those who had bravely given their lives in that destructive civil conflict between the states.''

B. ''The day is intended to stir us to grateful recall of those who have given themselves, shed their blood, and lay down their lives in military battle for the cause of freedom in our land.''
C. It should be more than a holiday, because if not for these brave men and women we would not be sitting in this worship center today.
D. A memorial is anything that helps us remember.
E. There are some important truths we should remember this Memorial Day weekend.

1. The gospel of John 15:13-14 very pointedly reminds us why we have Memorial Day.
2. The greatest sacrifice is the one laying down his life for another.
3. Because of this we should be reminded:

I. Freedom has a price.

A. Several years ago a speaker named Clebe McClary stood in our pulpit.

1. There was a patch where his left eye had once been.
2. A hook extended from the artificial limb where a strong arm had once helped make him an outstanding athlete.
3. He had been through numerous surgeries to repair facial damage.
4. At 26 years of age Clebe McClary left his coaching career to enlist in the United States Marine Corps.
5. While leading his 19th ''recon'' unity through the jungles of Vietnam Clebe and his 12 men were attacked. Two gave their lives; four others were severely wounded.
6. McClary was miraculously lifted to safety by helicopter.
7. On a plaque presented to Lt. McClary by his admiring men is the statement, ''In this world of give and take, there are all too few who are willing to give what it takes.''

B. Clebe McClary and others like him are a stark reminder to us freedom has a high price.

1. Freedom has alway ...

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