by Larry Wynn

Freedom Has a Price
Lessons from the Village People
Larry Wynn
Philippians 2:14-18
May 2, 1999 a.m.


A. No electricity, no running water, Food scarce.

B. Sounds like y2k but it is not.

C. It is how much of the world lives today.

D. I just returned from Honduras where a team of 9 from our church assisted in rebuilding houses lost from Hurricane Mitch.

1. Honduras was devastated from this hurricane.

2. Many lost their lives.

3. They are just now rebuilding.

E. Where we were part of the time had no electricity or running water before the hurricane.

F. Now, conditions have worsened.

1. 13 families in one house.

2. Children who have lost their parents.

G. What we received was far greater than what we gave.

H. Today, i want to share with you some lessons learned from Honduras.

I. Philippians 2:14-18 captures these lessons for us.

I. The spirit of Christ unites rather than divides. Vs. 14.

A. There were many differences in Honduras.

1. Language.

2. Color of skin.

3. Approach to jobs done.

4. Pace.

A. Americans: go, go, go.

B. Hondurans: slow, slow,

C. If they said you will start at 6 a.m. That really meant 7 or 8 a.m..

B. Although the differences were many the spirit of Christ united us.

1. We couldn't understand each other, but we found common words.

A. Alleluia.

B. Jesus'

2. You would find a Honduran and an American working together in the same ditch, breaking rocks on the same mountain side, and worshipping in the same service.

3. We learned flexibility.

A. Duke preached it to us all week.

B. When we would fall back into our American ways he would say, "guys, be flexible."

C. One day duke said, "I'm starving." I reminded h ...

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