by Larry Wynn

Confronting Ellen
Series: Confronting Our Culture
Larry Wynn
1 Corinthians 6: 9-11

Subject: homosexuality

I. Introduction

A. The most talked about television program this last year was the show ''Ellen''.

1. In this show the actress Ellen Degeneres openly admitted she was lesbian.
2. What does one say to Ellen?

B. This subject is not a new issue.

1. It is as old as the bible.
2. We first come into contact with it in genesis 19.

A. This is the story of Sodom.
B. From Sodom we derive the word Sodomy.
C. This word indicates sexual relationships with a member of the same sex.

C. The purpose of this issue will be:

1. To examine what the bible says about the issue.

A. There are many passages we can turn to.
B. Today, I want us to look at I corinthians 6.

2. To examine how Christians should respond to the issue.
3. To provide good news through Jesus Christ.

II. Changing attitudes about homosexuality.

A. Attitudes are changing among those practicing this lifestyle.

1. It is becoming an open issue.

2. It is becoming a celebrated life-style.

A. You have gay pride parades.
B. You have gay pride days and weeks.
C. You have gay pride festivals and events at major attractions.

3. The gay community is becoming more militant in its attempts.

A. Legislation is constantly introduced to ban any discrimination because of sexual preference.
B. The right to marry is a major issue before state legislatures.
C. The right to adopt children is another major topic today.

B. Societies attitude is changing.

1. The homosexual lifestyle is becoming more and more accepted.

2. More and more of society sees it as a preference rather than a perversion of God’s plan of sexuality.

C. The religious communities’ attitude is changing.

1. Many denominations are now allowing homosexual ministers and churches to participate.

2. Many churches are performing homosexual marriages.

III. Misconceptions relating to homosex ...

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