by Larry Wynn

The Woman: A Biblical Perspective
Larry Wynn
Genesis 2:18-25


A. For the last years women have really been in the news:

1. The 70's brought the Equal Right's Movement.

2. The 80's brought the battle over abortion.

3. The 90's has brought the debate over the use of women in combat situations.

B. Most look at the issues as tough social issues. They are really scriptural issues.

Illustration: Long before society began discussing the rights and roles of men or women the Bible dealt with these issues.

C. Society has interpreted the issues so very differently. Even in Christian circles the
interpretation of the scriptures on the issues of women has been open to much debate.

D. How do you handle issues of this nature? You allow the Bible to speak for itself.

E. How does the Bible view the woman?


(Whatever else can be said about the woman there is one thing for sure. In God's eyes she is a
masterpiece, and is to be held in high esteem by the man.)

A. This is seen in her creation.

1. The question many have about the woman is: Is she equal to man.

2. What does the Bible say? Look at Genesis 2:18.

3. God calls woman a helpmeet. The Hebrew word is the word: ezerkenegdo. We get the word:
Ebenezar. Ezer: Rock/kenegdo-of help. Kenegdo: corresponding to him. Exactly like him, or comparable to him. What the Bible says to the world is ''The woman is exactly what the man is.'' There is equality. There is no superiority.

4. Adam confirms that when he says of Eve she is now flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. He declares the full equality of the woman.

B. This principle is also seen in the CONSTRUCTION of the woman. Vs. 18.

1. The Lord says, ''I will make...''

2. There are three words for make used in the Bible.

a. Bara - Out of nothing (Adam)
b. Asar - Out of existing material.
c. Valubin - Beautifully and artistically constructed.

3. The woman is artisticall ...

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