by Larry Wynn

July 13, 1997 A.M.
Phillipians 2:6-11
Larry Wynn

Opening Illustration - Been There Done That Now What?
Ed Young Pgs. 131-133
I had always believed that the world involved magic now I
thought perhaps it involved a magician ... This world of ours
has some purpose; and if there is a purpose, there is a
person. I had always felt life first as a story: and if there is a
story there is a storyteller.
G. K. Chesterton

LIFE'S DEFINING MOMENT came for Roy Riegel when he
picked up a fumble during the 1929 Rose Bowl and ran as
fast as he could.. . toward the other team's goal. His mistake
set up the winning touchdown for the opposition. Ralph
Branca may not be a household name, but many will never
forget the pitch he threw in the last game of the 1951 National
League playoffs. It was a defining moment. Bobby
Thompson eyed the pitch and pelted "the shot heard 'round
the world"-- home run that won his team the pennant and
probably the most famous home run in baseball history.

Chris Webber's defining moment came when the young bas-
ketball star called time out during the 1993 NCAA finals, only
to discover his team had no time outs remaining. Speed
skater Dan jansen's life changed forever when he took the
mark in his favorite race in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics,
determined to win a gold medal for his sister Jane, who had
died of leukemia just hours before. Rounding the last turn,
the blade on jansen's skate caught the ice and sent him
skidding into the wall. He fell again in his next race; he also
finished out of medal contention in two races in Albertville in
1992. Defining moments.

What happened to Roy Riegel? I don't know. Perhaps he
finally forgot his blunder or went on to somehow use it to his,
or someone else's, advantage. But Ralph Branca turned his
"defining moment" into a turning point. With the memory of a
pitch h ...

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