by Larry Wynn

A Primary Weapon
Larry Wynn
II Chronicles 20: 1-13
February 28, 1993


A. Since January we have really been focusing attention on living our Christianity in a real world.

(Use some of the topics covered.)

B. One of the truths that has been very evident is the fact we face battles every day:

Financial battles, spiritual battles, employment battles, family battles, temptation battles.

C. You will really relate to the story we will read today. It is the historical account of one of the great epic battles in the life of Israel.

1. God put the story of Jehoshaphat in the Bible to illustrate vital spiritual principles in winning the battles of life.

2. Defines for us a very powerful weapon at our disposal.

D. Read II Chronicles 20: 1-13.

E. Prayer is the weapon.

1. Story of Dana as a preschooler. "Nobody prays at my house. My mother, my sister, and my daddy never prays.

2. We look at prayer as a last ditch effort rather than a primary weapon.

3. I want to change your thinking about prayer. I want you to see it is the most powerful of weapons at your disposal in battling the daily battles you must face.

ILLUSTRATION: Ron Dunn "Prayer is the secret weapon of the kingdom of God. It is like a missile that can be fired toward any spot on earth, travel undetected at the speed of thought, and hit its target every time. It can from two fluke infections..."

4. I want to teach you today how to arm missiles of prayer that will literally transform the battles you fight.


A. Think of prayer and all kind of visions appear in our minds.

1. The pronouncement of Believers of days of old like Martin Luther, who said, "I have so much to do today that I shall s ...

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