by Marvin D. Patterson

The One and Only You!
Marvin Patterson
Genesis 37
April 2, 2000


1. God has created you for a purpose! You are special in His sight! He has unique plans and blessings designed just for you, and you alone.

2. You may be wondering "Why am I Here?" "What am I to do with my life?"

Many people just drift alone in life without a purpose or a plan. We need to understand that God has a wonderful purpose and plan for us!

3. Fulfill God's Plan for You!

4. How?

5. Realize that God has a plan for you, problems for you, a presence with you, and many blessings for you!

I. God has a plan for you! Genesis 37:6-10

A. Joseph was hated by his brothers because of partiality shown by Jacob.

B. Joseph was a dream implanted in his heart by God!

C. When you share God's dream do not be surprised at mixed reaction.

II. God has problems to build you in His Plan!

A. Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers! 18-34.

B. Joseph was lied upon by a wicked woman. 39:12.

C. Joseph kept a pure heart in the face of adversity. 39:9

D. Jose ...

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