by Marvin D. Patterson

The Transforming Touch
Marvin Patterson
Luke 7:11-18


What one trait do you think about when you think about when you think about Jesus? You do not have to think long before compassion enters your mind.

Friends, we need to display our compassion as Jesus did! How?

I. Display compassion through visitation. Vss. 11, 12.

Jesus went to the needy people. There may be someone round around you on the job, at work, in your home or family, right beside you at church that needs a compassionate word or a compassionate hand.

A. Story of Bob McNeill who checked up on me when I was discouraged.

B. Look for the obvious person right around you! Story of car and the distributor wire. Put gas. Checked fuses. Put aluminum on them.

C. This is more than organized visitation on Wednesday Night or Thursday, or Saturday, although that is involved. We may need to go visit someone at 10:00 p.m. in hospital or a home! How about visiting the sick, nursery homes, those who should be here this morning.

D. The Bus Ministry is a prime example. "We're not church people." That's OK, we want to bring everyone in from the poorest to the richest! God is no respecter of persons!

Ill. One boy got so excited he said "Hey, I've got a video. Can I bring it next week!" He wanted to bring what he had. Now it may have been X-rated knowing our luck, but friends, bring what you have to Jesus and He will allow you to help the needy with a compassionate hand.

Ill. Luke 14:16-24 Story of Lori Morris and James Cook. Neither had good clothes to wear to Church, but God helped them.

D. I believe we ought to "Dress our Best" when coming to church, but let's not get judgmental over those who don't have much. Everyone should be welcome! Amen! It is a good testimony!

E. It's a good testimony! We are God's representatives. Story of girl at California.

F. The church is the compassionate place to be. I hope you will c ...

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