by Marvin D. Patterson

How to Keep from Slipping
Marvin Patterson
Hebrews 2:1-4


1. Imagine that a father gives his son a beautiful farm. The father is going away and he entrusts the son to keep up the farm. The farm is the son's by inheritance. If the son will only plow the ground and plant the seed, he will harvest many crops. There are many fruit trees around the farm. The son can have much fruit, if he keeps the fruit trees pruned. There are many vines that also have fruit upon them, if the son will only pick them. The soil is rich with valuable oil for the son's taking, if he will but drill down for the oil. There are gold mines also on this farm. The gold can be utilized if the son will dig the gold mines. He has all the necessary tools to get every job done to completion. He even has a book of instructions that gives him directions to be a very successful farmer.

2. The young man did fine at the beginning, but after a period of time, he started to become neglectful in his duties on the farm. He did not work the ground and plant the seed. He did not prune the fruit trees, nor pick the fruit from the vines. He would not even drill for oil, or dig for gold.

3. After a period of time, the father returned home to see how his son was doing with the farm that he had given him. The father inspected the farm with great disappointment. Oh, the farm was still in the possession of the son, but the son had not possessed all the blessings and benefits that could have been his.

4. Friends, that is an imaginary story, but the same thing happens to many Christians in their walk with God. Have you ever known anyone who slipped away from God? This past winter, Wanda and I were walking around the block on the icy, slippery roads that were the result of that big snow we had in January. We both started slipping and we decided that the benefits of a walk around the block were not as great as the risks that were involved if we fell on the ice. We stopped walking until t ...

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