by Bob Wickizer

Ordinary Possibilities
Rev. Bob Wickizer
Judges 6:11-24a; Psalm 85:7-13; 1 Corinthians 15:1-11; Luke 5:1-11
4 February 2001

One of the hazards of preaching is that every now and then you find yourself preaching the week AFTER a dynamite sermon was delivered. This time I am following the powerful and inspiring confirmation sermon that Bishop Curry delivered last Sunday. So this is a daunting pulpit to step into.

Furthermore this gospel story today making Simon, James and John fishers of people really ought to be preached by our consummate fisher-rector Glenn. But somehow fate cast us together today. After all the word "clergy" itself comes from a Greek term for "lot" meaning that of all the possibilities in life, being ordained is one's particular lot.

The same lot that casts us together today brought Simon, James and John together as partners in a fishing venture long ago on the Sea of Galilee. Because of the hot Palestinian sun, fishermen generally worked in the evening. So Simon, James and John brought their boats and nets to shore after an exhausting and unsuccessful evening of casting nets for freshwater fish. Simon, James and John were hard workers and had struggled their way into an upper middle class life. They owned their own boats and equipment, and life couldn't provide more freedom than for the hard-working fisherman. They loved their families and when their occupation permitted, they attended the local synagogue for prayer services. Like so many of us, economics, religion and social class limited their future and ALL the possibilities that lay before them.

Three ordinary people happily working ordinary jobs. Who would have ever guessed that morning that three burly, smelly fishermen would soon be called so their life's work would make a difference in the lives of millions of people for centuries to come? That's what it's like to move from the humdrum of everyday life to the incredible dream of God's possibilities.

Ordinary people. We' ...

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