by Jules Boquet

Victories Of Value On The Road To Virtue
Jules Boquet
Nehemiah 2:9-12, 17-20; 4:1

DESCRIPTION OF SERMON: In this Old Testament account of Nehemiah, thedisparity between virtuous values and vices is explored. Nehemiah's moral values learned in childhood arise and direct him to choose God's values instead of Satan's vices. His experiences teach him and us that being prosperous in the Lord's way does not mean being exempted from what is valuable.

POINTS: Vice: Virtue:
1. Divisiveness 1. Resolute
2. Disturbance 2. Resourceful
3. Discouragement 3. Respect

Nehemiah was the cupbearer to a king. And that king had power and might in his world. Israel had been invaded. Many people had gone into exile. Nehemiah was one of those held captive and he became the cupbearer of this king. Nehemiah, as an Israelite, as a Jewish person, as a person of God; heard a report that the remnant that was left back in Jerusalem, was truly in great affliction and great reproach. The wall of Jerusalem was broken down. The gates were burned with fire. The city had been destroyed. When he heard the condition of Jerusalem, the condition of the place where God had built, it really distressed him. He began to weep and began to fast and pray and he was broken hearted. He began to confess his sin of neglect, "Lord, I neglected your work. I've neglected what you were doing in the earth." He confessed his own sin and the sin of all the people of God.

I believe we live in a day like in the days of Noah. People are eating and drinking and being merry; marrying and being given in marriage. In other words, there are a lot of things going on. How many of you know we live a fast paste lifestyle? It's very easy to be distracted away from the things that are important to God. And it's very easy to be so preoccupied with what we're doing that we begin to neglect what God is doing. But God has a people in the earth that God is calling to return back to their first love and to be more in love ...

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