by Jules Boquet

The Parable Of The Trees
Jules Boquet
Judges 6:11-14; 8:22-25, 27, 33-35; 9:7-21; Isaiah 55:6-13; 61:1, 3-7, 9-11


OF SERMON: In Gideon's day groves of trees were considered idols. The olive tree, the fig tree, and the vine represent the areas of our lives touched by the Holy Spirit, that have been transformed to exalt the "Father as King." The bramble bush by contrast accepts the compromise to promote "self as king." If the "bramble-self" is allowed to be king, eventually destruction comes to all around us, and to ourselves. The message reinforces God's desire to bless us so that His covenant blessings will continue to pass from generation to generation.

POINTS: The trees and their representations:
1. The olive tree represents the Holy Spirit, the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit anoints the believer, leading him into a life that is blessed. "The anointed self" blessed to be a blessing to others. Anointed by God to be a servant.
2. The fig tree represents the character that is developed as we are transformed by the Holy Spirit. There should be nothing of appeal which would cause one to trade sweetness of character for the world's success.
3. The vine represents the new wine of the Holy Spirit. The new wine causes the apparent cheerfulness in the anointed, blessed believer who is continuously being transformed into the character of Jesus.
4. The bramble (the briar patch full of stickers) accepts the compromise to be "king." There is always the bramble self. We can allow the bramble-self to be promoted and refuse to allow the "father as king." The bramble self nurtured will destroy everyone around it and even itself.

Judges chapter 6 talks about the story of Gideon. The bible says that Israel had done evil in the sight of the Lord, and as a result of their sin, judgment came. You can't sin and get away with it. You might think that you can get away with it, but it has a way of coming back on you. Israel ...

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