by Jules Boquet

Seed, Come On And Talk For Me
Dr. Jules Boquet
Mark 11:22-26

TOPIC: Prosperity

DESCRIPTION OF SERMON: God desires each one of us to walk in love and in the unity of the spirit. If there are mountains in your life, stand on the Word of God and watch the scriptures unfold right before your eyes. Believe in faith that all your desires will come to pass.

KEYWORDS: Seed, Talk, Desire, Love, Faith, Prosperity, Harvest, Believe, Miracle, Money

Take a deep breath of the spirit. There is something that is going to be transmitted, if you are ready to take a deep breath of the spirit and receive in a deep way. I believe that God has some simple things that He wants us to receive and get into us in a deep way. The atmosphere is charged with the blessedness of God. The bible says that in order for you to receive this, there are several things you need to do. One of the greatest things you need to do is walk in love, walk in the unity of the spirit, held together in the bonds of peace. You can't have something against somebody and expect God to be able to give you what He has for you. You have to release things. You can't hold grudges, you can't be offended, you can't have any of that working in your life and receive the things that God has for you. If you try to receive something when you are not operating in that blessed unity and that blessed love of God, if you try to receive something, it would be like if I would go up to Brett Favre, the quarterback of Greenbay. They say that most of the time when Brett throws a pass he has to hold back because when he gives all he has, the people who are catching can't catch the ball. It hits them so hard that it wounds them and they can't hold it. It's like getting hit with a bullet. He has to really watch himself because he gets excited and he throws it too hard and hurts his receivers.

To walk in a way that is not walking in love and not walking in the unity of the spirit, is like telling God to thro ...

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