by Jules Boquet

How to Pray When You Are in a Bind
Eight Building Blocks Of Consecrated Prayer
Dr. Jules Boquet
Matthew 26:36-46; Luke 22:40, 43-44

TOPIC: Prayer
DESCRIPTION OF SERMON: As you explore these scriptures, learn what Jesus did as He knew what was before him, and what He taught his disciples on prayer. The thrust of the message is teaching you how to pray through the obstacles in your life.

KEYWORDS: Pray, Prayer, Teaching, Consecration, Confirmation, Consult, Consider, Satan, Convert, Cross

POINTS: 1. Consecration 5. Contemplation
2. Confirmation 6. Concentration
3. Consultation 7. Consolidation
4. Consideration 8. Consummation

In Matthew 26, we find in it a time of tremendous prayer. This is one of the greatest prayer moments in all of history; when Jesus went into the garden of Gethsemane (many call it the garden of agony). Last week, I preached on it as the garden of courage, where Jesus received courage in the face of his agony. I preached a message on "The Power To See It Through," because God gives you the power to see you through and if God causes you to be able to go through it then you can see it through.

In Matthew, we need to understand what preceded the prayer that's prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. We find that prior to Jesus' prayer time with his disciples, He had been anointed by a woman who broke an alabaster box of ointment which was very expensive and very precious. Many commentaries say it was equal to a year's wages. She just poured it out upon his feet and anointed his feet with her hair and this oil. Of course Judas was very upset with this because he saw it as a waste. In one sense, he said they could have given it to the poor, but in another sense, he had it in his mind that he wanted to put it in his pocket because we know that he was the traitor. After this anointing, we have the last supper or the last Passover before Jesus was crucified. At the last supper of course, He exposed the tr ...

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