by Marvin D. Patterson

Our God Is an Awesome God!
(Or Theology 101 with Isaiah Doctrine of God)
Marvin D. Patterson
Isaiah 6:1-8

We will look at what God is like over the next few weeks. What we think about God and what we believe about God will greatly affect our lives. Low view: tends to produce a low form of living - evolution. High view - tends to produce a high form of living.

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Isaiah gives prophecy and theology. Chapter 6 gives wonderful vision of God! Story of Johnny drawing a picture of God. No one knows what God is like, they will when I finish.


1. (Attention) Story of man hurting all over - touch head, hurts! Shoulder, arm, chest, leg, foot - What's wrong with me? After doctor examined him, he discovered that the man's index finger was broken!

C. L. Brunner "Much I don't know about God, what I know has changed my life."

2. (Need) there are many ills in Christian life that can be traced to one problem - our view of God! Friend, our God is an awesome God! Our moral crisis, violence, drugs and alcohol, school shootings, and immorality show us that we've lost a vision of the holiness of God!

Isaiah saw the same and went to church and saw the King! Verse 5.

3. (Prop) we should worship our God!

4. (Inter) WHY?

He's not just the old man upstairs laughing and winking at sin and saying one religion is as good as another. No! He's HOLY GOD, LORD OF LORD AND KING OF KINGS!

5. (TRANS)

I. He is a holy god! 1-2

A. God sits on a high Throne!

1. Seven times he mentions throne!
2. High and lifted up refers "covered seat" lofty place of honor, praise.
3. Throne is occupied - Lord returns there!

Uzziah's death was a tragedy for Israel. He had lead them to prosperity - politically, materially, militarily once named - Orthodox still do not pronounce today. He is a Holy God! They repeated "Holy" for emphasis! We might underline, italicize, bold, quote, but Jewish people used repetition for emphasi ...

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