by Marvin D. Patterson

How to Fulfill God's Will in Spite of Your Fears
Marvin D. Patterson
Hebrews 11:23-31

There's so much in this chapter that's applicable to help us live by faith and trust God in our daily lives! Gives two ways, 1-Sight, 2-Faith. When saved, live by faith - wonderful way to live - totally depending on God! Faith brings the power of God into our lives! Example: Lights in Church! Hebrews 11 - By Faith - Abraham, Isaiah, Jacob, Joseph, Mary - claimed the power of God! We turn our attention from faith in one minute - to faith in entire nation!


1. (Attention) Fear keeps us from enjoying life, and from going forward in our Christian walk. Problems differ - too severe. We cannot live in our own strength - we need God's strength everyday!

2. (Need) We need to go all the way into maturity in our Christian life, even during the fearful times! Why? Because!

3. (Prop) Our God will Protect Us! You can fulfill God's will in spite of your fears!

4. (Inter) How!

5. (Trans)

Turn to Exodus 12:3 Remember God already sent 9 out of 10 plagues on Pharaoh! Now time for 10th, Passover comes:

I. Receive God's deliverance from the bondage of Sin! 2-8

A. Moses kept the Passover in Egypt by Faith!
1. There had to be a perfect lamb slain! Exodus
12: 3-5
a. Lamb
b. The Lamb
c. Your Lamb
2. The Blood had to be applied to doorposts by Faith!
The lamb was a substitute lamb.

B. Jesus is our Passover Lamb - our substitute!
1. He is Lamb of God - slain from Foundation of World!
a. Special Lamb - Verse 5 - without blemish!
2. He defeated sin, Satan and death on cross of Calvary!

Jesus was special - perfect

C. Have you allowed God to save you from sin?
1. We are born in sin! Romans 3:10, THAT HINDER US IN LIFE V 30-31
Canaan is not Heaven - still 40 years later there are battles to fight in Canaan, not in Heaven!

A. Joshua trusted God to destroy the walls of Jericho! Walls were thick enough for two chariots to ride upon!

1. Th ...

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